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Special Report Transcript Episode 65, Section 2, Time 18:08

There’s an air of anticipation in the Eastern Cape city as Biko’s killers come to ask for amnesty. A large crowd gathers for the public hearing at the community hall in New Brighton. The world’s media have come to witness whether or not the five security policemen, who lied at the 1977 inquest into Biko’s death, will finally come clean. As day one of the hearing gets underway Advocate George Bizos, representing the Biko family, says the Biko’s are strongly opposed to the amnesty applications. They believe that Harold Snyman, Daantjie Siebert, Johan Beneke, Gideon Niewoudt and Rubin Marx have not made a full disclosure. First to break his silence is Harold Snyman, the policeman who led Biko’s interrogation team in 1977. He maintains that Biko’s death had been accidental saying the rebellious detainee had been injured when a scuffle broke out and he bumped his head against a wall.

Notes: Port Elizabeth, 10 September 1997; Biko amnesty hearing

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