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Special Report Transcript Episode 68, Section 4, Time 33:30

Will the information those files contain solve the many mysteries that remain. Will we ever know who killed Robert Smit, who shot down Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski or Ric Turner? Will we learn about the forces responsible for the brutal train violence that claimed hundreds of lives, or township massacres like that in Boipatong? What exactly did the Directorate Covert Collection do and what about the CCB? We know they had ten regions but only the territory and purpose of region six has so far been exposed. Will the files give us the answers?

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Forty-five people died and 27 others were seriously injured on 17 June 1992 when several hundred IFP-supporting residents of the KwaMadala hostel launched attacks on the Boipatong community, near Vanderbijlpark, Tvl, during a period of escalating violence between the ANC and IFP in the area. ...
Train violence first emerged in July 1900 with a series of attacks on commuters travelling on the Johannesburg-Soweto line, leaving one person dead and about 30 injured. Between 1990 and 1993, approximately 572 people died in more than 600 incidents of train violence. What started as unplanned ...
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