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Special Report Transcript Episode 69, Section 2, Time 03:10

It is in this context therefore that the Azanian People’s Liberation Army did not have the burden or problem of the so-called ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ target. In all honesty the terms ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ target did not exist in our vocabulary and it was a foreign concept. All that mattered was the political and psychological benefit that the organisation will derive from such military operations. It should be noted that the killing of genuine African civilians had intensified in the course of time. Africans attending night vigils, commuting to work et cetera, more especially in the eighties and nineties, were brutally massacred whilst the white community lived in harmony and tranquillity. It should therefore not surprise anyone that targets like the St James Church, King Williamstown golf club, Heidelberg Tavern, etcetera - which are more prominent or known by everybody - were selected. The leadership of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army takes full responsibility for all the operations that were conducted by the cadres and members of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army. The APLA forces who carried out these operations followed the directives from their commanders and these directives were from the highest echelons of the military leadership that is both the high command and the military commission. We do not therefore regret as such that the operations took place, there is therefore nothing to apologise because we believe in the justness of our war and the correctness of our struggle.

Notes: Dan Mofokeng (Commander of APLA)

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During the early 1990s, the PAC proclaimed a military strategy of a 'protracted people's war', which involved the infiltration of APLA guerrillas into the country to conduct rural guerrilla warfare. The initial targets of such attacks were members of the security forces and white farmers who were ...
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