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Special Report Transcript Episode 69, Section 2, Time 05:10

It was stipulated that every adult person had to be armed, white person, had to be armed. Now if such a definition is given to an armed preparedness by a Defence Act, ipso facto, every household therefore that conformed with these instructions or with these laws was a military garrison in that sense. You had commandos all over, so anything therefore that was defined or any entity that was defined in the Defence Act of the time in terms of military strategy of the regime was therefore a legitimate target. // Could you indicate by what legislation and at what point that legislation was introduced, which made it a requirement that every adult person, presumably every white adult person, had to be armed and trained? // The fact of the matter is that there was training that was conducted for white adults. Women were actually trained in target shooting, men were actually trained in target shooting and in white schools there was a regimentation of the children to raise their awareness about the war. To that extend APLA realized that they were facing the whole white community.

Notes: Mike Muendane (PAC Sec-Gen); Glen Goosen (TRC Evidence Leader); Mike Muendane

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