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Special Report Transcript Episode 69, Section 2, Time 12:17

The basis for positions adopted in respect of the legitimacy of targeting white civilians, that by typifying white civilians in the manner in which you did carte blanch, you would have violated international law. // We did not attack white civilians but we destroyed European invaders, dispossessors, criminals, because here you want to create a situation whereby our struggle is as recent as the PAC and that’s not the case. Our struggle against colonialism is as old as when the colonialists set their foot here and showed their sinister motives of dispossessing our forefathers of their land. And the whole struggle, the whole armed struggle was the continuation of that. And actually we can draw the ancient wisdom from our forefathers when Dingaan said to the Zulu warriors ‘Bulala abathakathi.’ What did he mean? He meant that those dispossessors, abathakathi, the Zulu warriors didn’t ask among themselves who were the abathakathi, who were the wizards? But they knew who the wizards were, and they were whites. And when King Moshoeshoe of Basotho in his wisdom said ‘ditshwewu aditswali,’ meaning that the whites will always have solidarity in oppressing the Africans, he drew that from experience, from the practical experience that was going on. And I dare say that the TRC is more concerned with the white life because even the questions are being filtered by men who benefitted hugely from the dispossession of our people, because as far as I’m concerned he who benefits by crime is guilty of that crime and every white person in this country benefitted from the crime of dispossession, benefitted from the crime of colonialism, benefitted from the crime of apartheid. But now you want to extract yourself from this crime. And it is so displeasing that the grandsons and daughters of Moshoeshoe, of Shaka, of Shekukuni are now burying the burden of their abusers. Because you are abusers, all in all the TRC doesn’t encourage people to speak truth and I dare say this whole farce, this whole circus, is doomed for failure, is doomed for failure for obvious reasons, because you cannot reconcile the dispossessed and the dispossessor. You cannot reconcile the oppressor and the oppressed. And the fact of the matter is that the whites are still family in power, the whites are still calling shots.

Notes: Glen Goosen; Letlapa Mphahlele (APLA Director of Operations)

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