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Special Report Transcript Episode 69, Section 4, Time 25:38

Here we found the war overnight or within a couple of months completely transformed. The protection was our responsibilities. We could not send our troops in uniform into the townships because if you send a man in uniform there they are immediately seen. So we had to find some other ways of operating in the townships but not being seen in the townships. // There was an increasing requirement for clandestine and covert operations of a new kind in 1986, a small group known as D40 was originally organised for this purpose. D40 developed into Barnacle, which later was transformed into the CCB. The CCB was a covert, military organisation managed by a managing director under supervision of a senior officer, special forces. The functions were, and that’s very important: infiltration, in other words deep infiltration within the enemy itself; and penetration of the enemy, penetration also in the areas, the deep areas where the enemy operated. But I must say, it was difficult; we were suddenly confronted with a situation where a complete change in strategy by the enemy and we were rubbing shoulders with the police, we were very close to each other and it was not always easy to exactly discriminate between the task of the police and the other people.

Notes: TRC testimony: Constand Viljoen (Former Chief SADF)

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