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Special Report Transcript Episode 69, Section 4, Time 27:38

Who did you receive that instruction from? // As I mentioned in my application at that stage it was the then head of the Defence Force General Geldenhuys, he asked me to draw up this plan. // And that would have been a plan as you indicate in your amnesty application to be of support to the SAP in the sense that special forces would engage also in unconventional and revolutionary methods in order to combat the revolutionary onslaught against South Africa. Is that correct? // That is correct. // Could you briefly outline to the Commission what the key elements of your plan was that you devised then for special forces. // We decided that I, in cooperation with the commanding officers of those commandos and the head of the security police for that area would meet and would determine what the targets would be, the important targets which were important in regaining control. From special forces, a team was sent out to the Security Police in Northern Transvaal and one was sent to the security police in the Witwatersrand command. // Is it correct that you indicate that the revolutionary and the covert aspects entailed amongst others a) ANC members and people who contributed to the struggle had to be eliminated b) the ANC facilities and supporting structure had to be destroyed and that ANC’s activists, hangers on and people who supported them also had to be eliminated. Is that correct, is that the objective defined for this particular set of operations if you like. // Mister Chairman that is why I have put it like that in my application.

Notes: Glen Goosen; Gen Joep Joubert (Former Commander Special Forces); Goosen

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