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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 1 of Episode 7

00:18The 1980s were probably the darkest decade in South Africa’s recent history. Repression of the total onslaught kind was at its harshest. The frustration of stifled resistance and powerlessness stirred up a sinister side of the human psyche that few imagined possible. Proud young lions turned into mad hyenas. Tonight we examine the shame of the struggle for freedom and democracy: necklacings. Another shameful phenomenon of the eighties was the so-called kitskonstabels, a quick fix policing strategy that ended up terrorising rather than protecting. But first, the Bantustan, the colonel’s wife, and the coup that wasn’t. In 1990 Bantu Holomisa annoyed Pretoria enough for them to want him dead and his government back. Holomisa survived but not the leader of the attempted coup, Col Craig Duli.Full Transcript
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