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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 7

11:04In war, truth and morality are the first casualties. In South Africa the brutalised sometimes became the brutalisers. // Teddy Williams, a former member of Umkhonto we Sizwe, was sent to the ANC’s Quatro rehabilitation camp for taking part in a camp mutiny. // What traumatized me most is to see people being tortured. Lots of people … others beaten … There was another colleague of mine who was one of the mutinies. He had his scalp opened up with a bayonet during torture. I have concrete testimony about one friend of mine that I skipped with. His name is [inaudible]; his brother’s working at Shell House. He was told his younger brother committed suicide. What happened is that he was a security man; he was a former bodyguard of OR Tambo. And they were in this security place of theirs, transit. I think they were drinking as I understood it, chatting over some beers. And he told them, but you guys who done so much harm to your fellow comrades we are getting back to South Africa not ...moreFull Transcript and References
13:51Williams says his experience in ANC camps has left him scarred. // I want to remember this, and it would be hazy and my head would feel like cracking, you understand? Sometimes it would be like I’m losing my mental capabilities. // This is probably why he struggled to relate his story to a rather impatient Truth Commission. // I am a very determined person. When I stand for a principle I stand for it, I don’t think anybody or any one …[interrupted] … that’s why I was able to survive till this point … [interrupted] … and that’s why the system couldn’t break me, including the African National Congress itself. // Can you switch off that side please, Mister Williams you are well protected, we have afforded you a longer time than any witness that has come before us up to this stage. We wish that you bear in mind that there are six more witnesses which we still have to take. Could you please in summary form, as the person is asking you, who is leading you, give us human ...moreFull Transcript
15:49Khotso Flatela left the country in 1986. A year later his mother Nombi was informed of his death. // I got a telegram from Lusaka. The telegram stated that he met with an accident, but it was not stated what kind of accident. The telegram was signed by comrade Alfred Nzo. // She went to Lusaka only to be told that her son had already been buried in Luanda. // Then I asked Mama Ruth, Mama Ruth what do you mean? What am I going to tell the people at home? At least if I saw the grave, at least I would feel a little bit better and I would believe that the child is dead. Especially now there are so many stories. The other one comes with car accident in Lusaka, now the other comrades come with in Luanda. Now what should I believe, really what should I believe? If only this Commission could help me. If my child is dead I’m going to accept that he’s dead, but really it’s so hard to be told lies, because at the end of the day there was another comrade who was also in exile with Khotso ...moreFull Transcript and References
17:49Thobeko Maseko’s husband, Nelson became unpopular with the ANC Youth League when he criticized them for marching a girl naked through the Plettenberg township in March 1990. // This young man went for him, the three of them Sishuba, Tyki and Sabata. There’s a fourth one whom I didn’t know but Totomansi, my witness knows. I knew only the three, and when they got to him they didn’t ask any questions. They trapped with a kapmes, three of them, this new kapmes and they cuffed him and they struck him on his back. The other one on his stomach, the other one on his face. And then when Sabata struck the second blow he hit him on his head and he … and he fell. // At about five o’ clock in the afternoon, towards sunset whilst I was waiting there with my kids,this white lady came together with the doctor who attended to my husband, doctor Benning, who gave me more tablets and after that he said, Mrs. Maseko, Nelson has passed away in George. Full Transcript and References
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