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Special Report Transcript Episode 7, Section 3, Time 11:04

In war, truth and morality are the first casualties. In South Africa the brutalised sometimes became the brutalisers. // Teddy Williams, a former member of Umkhonto we Sizwe, was sent to the ANC’s Quatro rehabilitation camp for taking part in a camp mutiny. // What traumatized me most is to see people being tortured. Lots of people … others beaten … There was another colleague of mine who was one of the mutinies. He had his scalp opened up with a bayonet during torture. I have concrete testimony about one friend of mine that I skipped with. His name is [inaudible]; his brother’s working at Shell House. He was told his younger brother committed suicide. What happened is that he was a security man; he was a former bodyguard of OR Tambo. And they were in this security place of theirs, transit. I think they were drinking as I understood it, chatting over some beers. And he told them, but you guys who done so much harm to your fellow comrades we are getting back to South Africa not very long and some of you are going to have to answer to that. One guy, Mike, just stood up and cocked his pistol and shot him, just like that, in the head. // They used to beat me in the cell because, they used to come in and say, yes this is your last days you bloody monkey. They beat me with guns and everything, because I was already designated to be executed. Shortly after those beatings the president, OR Tambo accompanied by Mzwai Philiso and Joe Modise came to that camp Kamalunga. When they came and they saw us there, we were supposed to stand up you see, I felt numbed, I simply cried when I saw them, because of that thing I saw, the beating of your colleagues to that extent.

Notes: Max du Preez; MK training camp; Teddy Williams interviewed

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