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Special Report Transcript Episode 7, Section 3, Time 15:49

Khotso Flatela left the country in 1986. A year later his mother Nombi was informed of his death. // I got a telegram from Lusaka. The telegram stated that he met with an accident, but it was not stated what kind of accident. The telegram was signed by comrade Alfred Nzo. // She went to Lusaka only to be told that her son had already been buried in Luanda. // Then I asked Mama Ruth, Mama Ruth what do you mean? What am I going to tell the people at home? At least if I saw the grave, at least I would feel a little bit better and I would believe that the child is dead. Especially now there are so many stories. The other one comes with car accident in Lusaka, now the other comrades come with in Luanda. Now what should I believe, really what should I believe? If only this Commission could help me. If my child is dead I’m going to accept that he’s dead, but really it’s so hard to be told lies, because at the end of the day there was another comrade who was also in exile with Khotso. When he came back I met him, in fact I thank him for what he did. Because he went to place and told me, comrade these people have been misleading you. They didn’t tell you the truth, I know the truth. I was with Khotso, he landed on a landmine. Now, when I ask Mama Ruth, Mama Ruth why have you been telling me lies all these years, it’s eight years I’ve been suffering, I want to know how my child died. She just said to me, no I only told you what I was told, just like that.

Notes: TRC testimony: Nombi Flatela (mother);

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