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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 7

29:37By early 1987 brutality of a different kind faced the Bongulethu community. // Something that stood out as quite horrific from this area, apart from many cases of police torture that were reported - in some cases, Supreme Court action was instituted; the large scale detentions without trial that took place in small places, even like Plettenburg Bay; was the presence of the kitskonstabels. // The special constables emerged with pomp and ceremony. They were the black face of law and order. Created by a state unable to keep the lid on large scale resistance. // I’m talking about largely untrained people who were merely given six weeks training and then issued with a lethal shotgun with SSG shot … it was a semi-automatic shotgun with live ammunition, a teargas canister, handcuffs, a rubber baton and a aerosol can of teargas. With hardly any training these people were sent into the townships.Full Transcript and References
31:04In Bongulethu kitskonstabel action ranged from revenge killings to indiscriminate shooting sprees. Between September 1987 and January 1988 six people were wounded. On January 10, 1988 another mini-massacre took place. Three people: Selvyn Botha, Johnny Carelse and Soyisile Douse were shot and killed; ten others wounded. // He was one of them, Soyisile was one of them, the one of the freedom fighters that we … the freedom that we’re having today. His death was very sad. But today some of us are going to eat the fruits of his death.Full Transcript and References
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