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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 7

31:48General Leon Mellet was the public face of the ministry of law and order for many years. We met him on his farm, outside George where he recently retired, and we asked him about his and his colleagues’ impression of the Truth Commission process. // I’m worried that this is going to go down in history, and all the allegations made is put down on paper, on record, on tape as factual evidence. When in fact it is not factual evidence as such. It is one person’s side of the story. And human people can err, and human people are not all very honest. And I will be … I don’t think I’m wrong if I say, all the stories that are told are not necessary hundred percent true. And I personally would like to see, perhaps that we are also given a fair hearing, given a fair opportunity to say, but during those years, what happened? You know I still have recordings of, video recordings of policemen in uniform who are being chopped dead. I have recordings of people dancing, children dancing ...moreFull Transcript
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