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Special Report Transcript Episode 70, Section 2, Time 36:48

The Commission sat in noisy cities and quiet dorpies. They sat in big imposing town halls and dingy schools and churches, from Messina in the north to Cape Town in the south and from everywhere the victims came. Some were dignified, silver haired elders, others impassioned young lions. Sometimes they were even small, little lions. The stories were of torture and abduction, rumours that became reality. // ‘This is Siphiwo’s hair, this is the scalp’ // They spoke about massacres and wars; they spoke about death of a single child and about the killing of whole families. // ‘I heard their voices, no one screamed twice, each one screamed just once then I’d hear the next one and another one until they finished them all.’ // There were those who wept about loved ones who disappeared without a trace. // ‘They must give him back to me even if it is just the bones so that I can bury him.’ // There were those who saw loved ones return as corpses. // ‘And just to see that he has grown into manhood, I mean he was still very young, but to see my little brother that has grown into a beautiful strong built young man, that really made me strong.’ // And the other one took out an assegai and stabbed my wife from the front and the assegai went through to the back. // And then there were those who felt their own guilt like a knife. // But really I’ve just destroyed the people around me, my friends, my family and I think it’s enough now. // I heard all the time. And even now, although this time I’m also asking the same question, who sold me to the police, who sold me to the police? Anton died with that question on his mouth.

Notes: Siphiwo Mtimkulu; Elizabeth Mtimkulu (Son killed by security police); Nomuso Shandu (Family killed by ANC in KZN); Francina Bopape (Son abducted); Michelle Assure (Brother killed by Police); Mbongeni Majola (Wife killed); John Deagon (Former Koevoet soldier); Yazir Henry (Tortured by Police for information)

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