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Special Report Transcript Episode 71, Section 2, Time 08:02

I never told Benzien or anybody else in so many words to assault any of these mentioned people or to make use of the wet-bag method during interrogation. After the first incident during which Jacobs was subjected to the method by Benzien I was however aware of his modus operandi. As set out above, his unconventional actions had brought about the result which our unit was actually striving for and I didn’t oppose it. // What methods did you know about that were used by your team? // For the most part we used the good boy, bad boy interrogation method. One man would be aggressive, and that was my role, in the case of these four people. Then there would also be somebody else, another policeman who tried to play the part of the nice guy and in that way try to obtain the information. // OK so we know there is a good boy and a bad boy, but we’d like to know what makes the bad boy bad. What does he do? What did your bad boys do as far as you knew? // I could then say that it would be the good man bad man technique, slapping a person by means of an open hand and the wet-bag method. // Is that all you know about the methods used by the team under your command? // That’s all that I was aware of. // I put it to you that you’re not telling the truth. // I am telling the truth.

Notes: William Liebenberg (Former SC member); Mike Donen

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