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Special Report Transcript Episode 71, Section 4, Time 36:31

‘The process of truth and reconciliation in South Africa has amounted to more than just words…’ // East Londoner Chappie Beling is disabled after being severely injured in an APLA attack on his local pub in 1993. He’s one of a handful of victims who hopes to get a lot more than R17 000 from the government. // I’m expecting to get three million from the government. // R 3M? That’s quite a lot of money. Why so much? // Because I’m 24 years old, I’m at the prime of my life and my life is buggered. I had taken 4 AK47 bullets, my hip was shattered, my arm is shot to pieces, my bowel was shot and my groin was shot to pieces. They’d cut half of my groin away, half of my bum was cut away and what have I got to look forward to in the future?

Notes: SABC News Bulletin; Chappie Beling; Reporter

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TRC Final Report TRC Victims
479 The King William’s Town Golf Club was attacked with hand grenades and automatic rifles on the night of 28 November 1992, while a Christmas social function for a ‘wine club’ was in progress. Four people – Mr Ian MacDonald and Ms Rhoda MacDonald, Ms Gillian and Mr David Davies – were ...
408 When asked how she would feel if anyone applied for amnesty in connection with this matter, Savage said: It really wouldn’t worry me one way or the other … It’s not important to me, but, I’ve said this to many people, what I would really, really like is, I would like to meet that man ...
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