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Special Report Transcript Episode 72, Section 3, Time 31:44

That’s the area that I am finding a little bit difficult in giving a one and definite answer. I can only say, since I say also in my affidavit, that this is not new to me. I’ve just been handed in, in fact, from my office I’ve had it faxed. In 1992 there is a press statement which apparently was made by the then state president Mr. FW de Klerk where he indicates a number of issues, but with that statement there was an information note which was addressed to the Commissioner of the South African Police / Deputy Commissioner of South African Police. It’s headed ‘secret.’ It’s dated the 28th of April 1992. The heading is ‘Transkei: Military activities of the Azanian People’s Liberation Army.’ The document identifies places in the Transkei at which APLA guerrillas were trained and it names a number of them. One of the places identified in that document is the house of Dumisa Ntsebeza in Cala. One of the places is the bookshop in Cala which was at the time our family bookshop. And it lists of course a number of people and a number of places. Now that document was sent by a Major-General. Kuhn of Crime Intelligence Service. // You’re saying you were framed then as a human rights lawyer and not now as a truth commissioner. // Exactly. What I’m saying is even then there were allegations that were made about how I am either a host to APLA guerrillas or I’m part of them. Certainly my house was identified as a training base for them. Now before then I can show you a number of incidents where I was identified as a person who does illegal work for the ANC and ANC cadres and that all stems from a position which I took totally unapologetically that I will defend all liberation movement cadres, without fear or favour.

Notes: Ntsebeza at a press conference after the hearing; Max du Preez; Ntsebeza

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