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Special Report Transcript Episode 72, Section 4, Time 45:41

‘Trojan Horse Killing NO PROSECUTION’ // It is well known that politically motivated crimes often did not make it to the courts and perpetrators remained faceless and nameless. // ‘Ribeiro Assassinations NO PROSECUTION’ // This is particularly so in the many many cases where Security Forces were the suspects. // ‘Cradock 4 Assassination NO PROSECUTION’ // The men responsible for deciding whether perpetrators would be prosecuted were the Attorney-Generals. This week apartheid’s prosecutors were grilled on exactly what their role was in the line of complicity that stretched from uniformed policemen to robed judge. ‘KwaMakhutha Massacre ACCUSED ACQUITTED’

Notes: Trojan horse attack; Dr Ribeiro; Matthew Goniwe funeral; Victim, KwaMakhutha massacre; Magnus Malan

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On 21 January 1987, 13 people, mostly women and children, were killed when gunmen opened fire with AK47s on the home of UDF activist, Mr Bheki Ntuli, at KwaMakhutha, Amanzimtoti, near Durban. Mr Ntuli was not at home at the time. Twenty people, including the former Minister of Defence, General ...
On 15 October 1985, members of the South African Railway Police hid in wooden crates on the back of a railway truck and opened fire on a crowd of protesters in Athlone, Cape Town, killing three youths and injuring several others. The operation was planned and implemented by a sub-structure of the ...
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