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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 1 of Episode 74

00:16Good evening. Tonight we bring you full reports on the drama at the Pebco Three amnesty hearing and the special business sector hearing. Our last item is a special documentary on South Africa’s involvement in the failed 1981 coup in the Seychelles. We begin in Port Elizabeth. In May 1985, three leaders of the Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organisation Sipho Hashe, Champion Galela and Qaqawuli Godolozi were abducted from Port Elizabeth Airport. They were taken to Post Chalmers, a disused police station in Cradock and eliminated. Five Eastern Cape security policemen Harold Snyman, Hermanus du Plessis, Johan van Zyl, Gideon Niewoudt and Gerhardus Lotz are now asking for amnesty for the killings of the men who have become known as the Pebco Three. Their four co-conspirators from Vlakplaas Roelf Venter, Gert Beeslaar, Kimpani Mogoai and Johannes Koole are asking for amnesty for abduction. At this week’s hearings the different but chilling tales of the last hours of the Pebco Three ...moreFull Transcript
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