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Special Report Transcript Episode 74, Section 2, Time 11:46

These white men were angry, they were really frightening and they said Mr. Godolozi should be fetched from the cell; he should be brought to the stoep. They brought him, his hands were cuffed and his legs were also cuffed. His face was covered. He was screaming when he went out, saying he was not prepared to tell anything. A small white bag was then taken and they covered his head and face and it was tightened up at the neck, so that he can suffocate. // This bag was removed then he was taken to the side of the garage which was near us there. // Yes? // After the bag was removed from his head he was asked as to whether he was prepared to talk then he denied. He said there is nothing which he will say which he knows. It is better for them to kill him. // After a while they came out. They were now more angered and they went straight to the garage where Mr. Godolozi was. When they got there they closed the door. After closing the door we heard the scream from Mr. Godolozi.

Notes: Kimpali Mogoai; Johannes Koole; Koole; Kimpani; Mrs Godolozi breaks down; Listeners emotional

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