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Special Report Transcript Episode 74, Section 2, Time 02:06

They were taken out of the garage, were carried out one by one. Capt van Zyl shot Mr. Hashe with a point 22 calibre gun. He handed the gun to me after which I in turn shot Mr. Godolozi and Mr. Lotz shot Mr. Galela. We placed all three the deceased on the pile of wood, we poured diesel over them and over the wood. I lit the fire. The bodies were burnt out totally after approximately six to eight hours. The next morning we raked all the ash together, put it into black bags. I had the instruction from Capt van Zyl to destroy all evidence of what I had done. I took it to the Fish River, just before Cradock, before you enter Cradock. I emptied the bags into the river and we left for Port Elizabeth.

Notes: TRC testimony: Gideon Niewoudt

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