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Special Report Transcript Episode 74, Section 2, Time 05:28

He gave four different versions at that stage already and I strongly deny it. // Mamasela’s description of a disordered killing frenzy stands in sharp contrast to the security police version of a clinical and clean execution. Somewhere between these extremes is the story told by two black operatives of the Vlakplaas squad. Former askari Kimpani Mogoai and policeman Johannes Koole are asking for amnesty for the abduction and assault of the Pebco Three. Their commander, Roelf Venter and his right hand man, Gert Beeslaar deny that the three activists were assaulted. The security police also deny assault including Niewoudt, the chief interrogator at Post Chalmers – a disused police station – where they took the activists after the abduction.

Notes: Gideon Niewoudt; Reporter ‘Extract from ‘S29 hearing’ of Joe Mamasela Dec ‘96

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