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Special Report Transcript Episode 74, Section 2, Time 07:53

‘Post Chalmers Morning of 9 May 1985’ // And the next morning? What happened then? // The interrogation started. We first went to Mr. Hashe. He was released from the shackles and was brought outside with help so that he will be able to walk. He was put on the stoep, then the interrogation started on him. // The assault, that was similar to that of yesterday, started. It was worse than the previous day; he was kicked severely. // It came to a point where Mr. Hashe said, please stop I want to tell you what you want. Then he said to us, at my sister’s place, there is an AK47 which is hidden in her place.

Notes: TRC testimony: Johannes Koole (Former Vlakplaas Policeman); Kimpani Mogoai; Johannes Koole

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