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Special Report Transcript Episode 74, Section 2, Time 09:13

The assaulters were pleased with this confession. Hashe, still in leg irons and handcuffed was left alone. After a while he spoke to Johannes Koole. // He said in the previous interrogation he lied that he had a gun to his sister’s place. He’s afraid that if the investigators would go there and find out the gun is not there he would be in danger. So there is nothing like that, that there is a gun which is hidden at his sister’s place as he said earlier. Whilst I was trying to go to Mr. Mogoai to tell him what I heard from Mr. Hashe the Port Elizabeth police, two men who were near, I thought they heard for themselves so they rushed to him with violence. They started kicking him and beating him whilst he was still lying on the ground.

Notes: Johannes Koole

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