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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 4 of Episode 74

35:17Welcome back. This coming week the Truth Commission will hold a special hearing on the role of churches and organised religion in our past. Tonight we want to introduce you to the Truth Commission member who is the driving force behind this hearing, Professor Piet Meiring.Full Transcript
35:33I was sitting in my room in the office in Pretoria at the University, early last year in January, at peace with the world not thinking even of the TRC when the phone rang. I picked up the telephone and if I remember correctly it went like this. Hi Piet it’s Desmond speaking, are you sitting down? Then he told me that the commissioners were appointed to the Truth Commission by government, by the president, but that they were given the opportunity to add a number of committee members. And he said to me that it is a problem that nobody representing the Afrikaner community, the church community, ‘die Afrikaanse kerke,’ so-called and that my name is being circulated and found acceptable by all. And then he said to me over the phone, you know of course I am the Archbishop of Cape Town and I can speak for the Lord God and the Lord says you have to come, but you have three days to decide. So here I am. I came and it started in a sense one of the most difficult but also one of the most ...moreFull Transcript
37:16I was trained as a minister of religion and have spent time in two congregations in Riviera, also in Linwood Ridge in Pretoria. I also spent some time at the theological faculty at the University of the North, at Turfloop. Since 1998 I served as Professor in Theology and Missiology, the science of missions and science of religion, at the University of Pretoria. And then as I told you early last year, I was called to the Truth Commission. My wife Inza, I met her when I returned from Holland. I was lonesome, all my fellow students were married, I had no wife. I met her in the library. I had a problem because she was engaged to somebody else, but fortunately it broke off and I got my hand into it and we were married. I do a bit of writing; I do a bit of gardening on Saturday mornings. I especially like my CD collection and quite a substantial amount of my money, my pocket money, goes into CD’s. Apart from Tutu and a few other people Beethoven and Mozart are the heroes of my life. I ...moreFull Transcript
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