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Special Report Transcript Episode 76, Section 2, Time 15:20

And you stated that Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela started hitting you with open hands, with fists and also with a sjambok. Can you confirm that? // It was just claps, open hands only. // These incidents occurred on the 29th of December. Are you saying that Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela was present at this stage on the 29th of December at the house? // I said at the beginning that she was the one who started to beat. // Are you aware that Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela said that on the 29th of December she was at Brandfort? // I was aware yes. // What is your comment towards that? // As I said, I don’t think she was not there, because she’s the one who started the beating. // And injuries in your face? // Ja also on my face. // What were the injuries on your back from? // From the assault. // Were you sjambokked on your back? // I was yes. // Were lifted up and dropped from a height? // You are correct. // What was the difference in the allegations against yourself, Lolo, Kenny Kgase and the allegation against Stompie? // The difference is that Stompie was accused that he’s working with the police in Parys, and against the three of us it was that we have allowed ourselves to be used by the Reverend Paul Verryn. // Is there any truth in that allegation that you allowed yourself to be used by Reverend Paul Verryn? // It was not the truth.

Notes: Sanjay Makanjee (Lawyer for Mekgwe); Pelo Mekgwe; Makanjee; Mekgwe; Makanjee; Mekgwe; Makanjee; Mekgwe; Hanif Vally; Mekgwe; Vally; Mekgwe; Vally; Mekgwe; Vally; Mekgwe; Vally; Mekgwe; Vally; Mekgwe

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