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Special Report Transcript Episode 76, Section 2, Time 24:22

There was a day in November that you were telling the Commission that an assault took place on Lolo Sono. Correct? // Yes. // Who were the people that participated in the assault? // It was Mrs. Mandela and Richardson and others. // Which particular person inflicted an injury to Mr. Sono and how was that injury inflicted? What did you see? // When I entered the garage it was Mrs. Mandela holding a sjambok. She was whipping Lolo Sono and Richardson, he was standing kicking and the other, the Mandela Football Team, they were surrounding. // Yes? // I didn’t take the beating and then I went inside and then they said Lolo Sono walk with the police, he’s a spy.

Notes: Stephen Joseph (Lawyer for Katiza Cebekhulu); Cebekhulu

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