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Special Report Transcript Episode 76, Section 2, Time 28:33

When she arrived in the room she questioned us, why we allowed a white priest to sleep with us. We did not approve of that and then she asked Stompie why was Stompie selling the people? Stompie disagreed with that kind of information and then she started hitting us with fists, one by one. After that the whole group joined in the assault. // After you were assaulted with fists what happened? // They kicked us, they lifted us up and we were thrown to the ground. After some time they started hitting us with sjamboks. // Who started hitting you with sjamboks? // Mrs. Mandela started hitting me with a sjambok. We were lying down. // Mrs. Madikizela-Mandela has said that on the day in question she was in Brandfort. Can you comment on that? // I do not know what to say. I saw her. She was the person who assaulted us with fists and hitting us with sjamboks. I don’t know which Mrs. Mandela was in Brandfort.

Notes: TRC testimony: Thabiso Mono; Sanjay Makanjee (Lawyer for Thabiso Mono); Mono; Makanjee; Mono; Makanajee; Mono

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