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Special Report Transcript Episode 79, Section 2, Time 18:40

We have a shrine of him here in George, it’s literally a shrine. I mean, if you go in there, they call it the George Museum, it is funded by the rent payers; the upkeep is paid for by the rate payers but it is a shrine. Everything in the Museum is PW’s. I think we need to make a call to George, or we are going to make a call to the George Council that if PW feels he wants to have a shrine he must pay for it himself. But if the ratepayers have to pay for a Museum then I think, and if we need to have some of PW’s memorabilia, anything of PW in that Museum, it needs to be contextualized. For instance, if you walk into that Museum, he’s got awards from the president of Chili and Savimbi, an AK47. You know, it is totally ridiculous. What we need to say is who are these leaders that gave him this stuff and talk a little about them as well. All the different associations. So we need to redefine what is being said within that Museum, I don’t know whether it’s possible. // I think what we want in that Museum is a history of the people of George, what happened in Lawaaikamp, people from Die Eiland that were moved out. That’s what we want. We want a history of George reflected in that Museum and I’m very happy that the ANC region is going to make a call on the Council of George to actually transform that Museum. I don’t think we can go on any longer pretending that that shrine in any way reflects what happened in George.

Notes: Ismail Lavangee; George Museum; Cameron Dugmore

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