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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 79

50:08Late last year the Truth Commission started a reconciliation register, an opportunity for all South Africans to sign a book with their commitment to reconciliation. The Special Report team this week went to the Gauteng offices of the Truth Commission to sign their names in the register.Full Transcript and References
50:30People who must have an opportunity to register their regret at not preventing human rights violations and also to give them an opportunity to register their commitment to reconciliation.Full Transcript
51:00This is very important as a symbol, because symbols are very important in our lives. This is a very simple but meaningful and effective symbol in the sense that people have forgotten over the last two years what the Commission is about, the Commission is actually a people’s commission. Everybody in South Africa is involved in this process and continually is going to be involved in this process. People have been coming to us and asking how they can participate; here is a very strong way of doing that, either by way of the registers which are available at each of the four offices of the Commissions and at the end of March don’t forget the Commission is closing back to the head office in Cape Town. But the other way that people can also participate is to tie up with the website [] and register their signatures there. And the website will be available permanently.Full Transcript
51:51As an individual and perhaps being involved with quite a number of others it shows the recognitions of the efforts of those who fought against apartheid. And it does not only show how good and how well deserving their struggle was, but at the same time it shows appreciation of the people that were promoting apartheid that they have eventually seen the light that apartheid was a no-go policy, otherwise it would have reduced this country to dust. As a result it says all of us have seen the light, the whole South African nation, comprising all colours, have now come to their senses to say let us reconcile one and all.Full Transcript
52:54For us as a team it symbolized committing ourselves to reconciliation, the fact that we’ve come in, the fact that we work with the TRC on a frequent basis, we are also committed to reconciling South Africa as a whole. But what’s the symbol behind it from the TRC’s perspective? // Well for us it’s a wonderful experience that you have become part of the TRC family in a very special way and have come to put down your names on the register. We do hope that thousands upon thousands of South Africans of all walks of life, of all the different communities will do this, because in a sense this is a way of owning the process of the TRC and also to commit themselves to future reconciliation. Thank you for coming, this is a wonderful gesture. // Alright we thank you. // Thanks.Full Transcript
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