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Special Report Transcript Episode 8, Section 3, Time 11:02

Francois van der Merwe is Niewoudt’s attorney, but he also represents several other former policemen. // What is your impression of their perceptions of the Truth Commission process? // Well Max from the outset I have to say that it… the perception I think is… it would be correct to describe it as suspicious. You have to realise that from the era we’ve come from that I think that if we had to reverse the roles and would have asked members of the former organisations like the ANC to come forward during the era when Minister De Klerk was in power, none of the ANC people would have come forward to come and ask the then National Party. And we have the same problem at this stage. You are asking people to come forward and talk to people who they have been fighting against for a period of many years. And there is definitely a very deep seated suspicion and mistrust which I think up to this stage has not been addressed by the role players.

Notes: Francois van der Merwe interviewed

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