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Special Report Transcript Episode 80, Section 2, Time 04:32

This week the Committee reconvened in Cape Town to hear testimony from this man, Xola Frank Mbane known as Jimmy. From 1984 to 1992 Mbane was a Vlakplaas based askari. He claims that his career spanned 40 missions; that he was responsible for at least ten killings and he also testified as Mr. X in a number of high profile trials, including giving evidence against Patrick Lekota at the Delmas trial. Jimmy Mbane testified that in 1986 he and fellow askari Eric ‘Shakes’ Maluleke were dispatched from Vlakplaas to Cape Town under the command of Riaan Bellingan. Upon arrival they were ordered by Rudolph Liebenberg to infiltrate a group of suspected terrorists in Kayelitsha.

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a former guerrilla 'turned' or recruited by the security forces
Twenty-two Transvaal UDF leaders were tried for treason in January 1986. Eleven were convicted in December 1988 and were given sentences from five to 11 years' imprisonment. The Appellate Division overturned the convictions at the end of 1989.
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