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Special Report Transcript Episode 80, Section 3, Time 19:48

One person who fell victim to Glory Sidebe selling out was Ismael Ibrahim, an ANC political Military Committee Chairman at the time, based in Swaziland where Sidebe was abducted. // The NIS kidnapped me from Swaziland and they handed me over to the South African Security Police, so my interrogators were members of the South African Police. During one period, I remember, they brought in an askari by the name of Glory Sidebe; it was not an interrogating session, they just brought him there to show me that here, one of your ANC persons has now decided to work for the South African Police. And they said, look at him, his quite happy working for the South African Police and he has no problem. But this person was kidnapped from Swaziland, six months before I was kidnapped and the very next day or a day or two later, the South African Police raided a number of homes in Swaziland and Sidebe was with them.

Notes: Ismael Ibrahim (Former MK commander)

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