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Special Report Transcript Episode 80, Section 3, Time 10:49

I was forced to kill my own people, the people that I devoted my life into liberating. // We believed in what we were doing as killers, we were seeing it as a war situation. // Our job was to hunt cadres, whether PAC or ANC, and we kill them. If we think they are useless, we kill them, but if we think we can arrest them we can arrest them and change them to askaris. // There was torture on a daily basis; there was killing on a daily basis. We just turned into political serial killers. We had no respect for human life and our commanders had absolutely no respect for our lives. // I didn’t know anything. They never said to me you’re going to kill people, you’re going to steal cars, you’re going to kidnap … they never said those things. // We were above the law, I mean we were untouchable. We had the backing of the upper echelons in the police and the politicians. We were above the law.

Notes: Aftermath of death squad attacks; Jimmy Mbane (Former askari); Joe Mamasela (Former askari); Almond Nofemela (Former askari); Dirk Coetzee (Former Vlakplaas commander)

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