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Special Report Transcript Episode 80, Section 3, Time 13:58

In my opinion an askari is a racist derogatory term, because it’s used to denote only captured ANC, PAC cadres who tend to become South African Police but only black ones. // There came this guy in the name of Eugene de Kock, the one who told me first it’s either you cooperate or you die. Then he took out his pistol, it was a Parabellum. He cocked it, he shot one shot in the air, then he put it here next to my head and then said to me you stay here? You walk or you remain here, what do you say? Then I could see these guys are also drunk and he already shot one shot in the air and the next one is coming to me, that’s what he said. Then, I couldn’t do otherwise, I had to say OK guys, I’ll cooperate.

Notes: Joe Mamasela; Jimmy Mbane

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