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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 2, Time 11:12

Under the circumstances I know that it is difficult for you to forgive. // It’s God’s will OK, God will … away, not you and me. // I truly respect you feelings and I do apologise for what happened. It’s not that I’ve done that because I hate white people but because of the circumstances at that point in time. My duty was to pursuit the aims and objectives of my organisation, although the situation have changed now. I sympathize with your feelings and again I ask for your forgiveness, though I feel it’s very difficult for you to simply say you forgive me at this point in time but I can ask for your forgiveness. // My name is Walter Tanda, I come from the Eastern Cape and am a member of APLA. I got instruction from the high commander of APLA. I didn’t kill your daughter because it was my decision. I am saying sorry and that everyone in South Africa is ... the conflict between the oppressed people and the oppressor. Now that thing now, I think that war is over. Thank you. // Please no killings, that’s not necessary. I know she died not for nothing, so please don’t kill anymore.

Notes: Andile Shiceka to Mrs Swarts, while holding her hand; Mrs Swarts; Bongani Malevu; Walter Tanda; Swarts family member

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