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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 3, Time 18:00

It is expected that the court will hear evidence on a weapon eventually fished out of the dam. When Barnard’s cocaine habit worsened and he stopped spending money on anything but drugs Amore Badenhorst turned on him. She ranted, shot at him, burned his sauna to keep warm. Nothing would make him support her and their daughter. So, in 1996 she played her trump card, she sold her story to Rapport newspaper, detailing what Barnard had told her about Webster’s death. The case was reopened and this time it was serious. Barnard has been formally charged with murdering David Webster among 33 other criminal and political charges. Amore Badenhorst was just the first among a 120 witnesses in a trial expected to last six months. Senior state advocate Ackerman and a crack investigative team have constructed a meticulous case. They have tracked down every lowlife Barnard have ever worked with, every fool he ever scammed, anyone who might have heard Barnard boast about Webster’s death. They have mixed in any minutia that could corroborate this testimony. They put Amore Badenhorst into a witness protection programme and kept other witnesses secret until they testified. One of these secret witnesses was Johan Kruger, Barnard’s go-between in several diamond scams. In 1993 Kruger hooked Barnard up with new potential victims, Deon and Marius Nel of Bloemhof. The brothers held a braai for their important guest. As the night wore on and the booze flowed, Barnard’s sidekick Corrie Goosens started boasting about his hero. This is an important man, he told the brothers, he works for the CCB. Barnard picked up his cue as the righteous killer. The main work of the CCB had been to take out ANC leaders he told the men. He described one spectacular hit, the assassination of Dr David Webster.

Notes: Ferdi Barnard in police custody; Johan Kruger

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