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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 4, Time 32:43

It has been beyond doubt by statements coming from Military Intelligence officers and analyses of the forged documents produced by the military that Anton Lubowski was never a spy. There seems to be only one way we will ever get to the full truth about Anton Lubowski and have it sanctioned by a court of law. If the seven South African CCB members named by Judge Levy were charged with the crime of conspiracy to murder because all the evidence indicate the assassination plans were made in Johannesburg. There is at least one full account, that of Slang van Zyl, of the Rosebank meeting where the assassination was sanctioned. And regardless of who pulled the trigger, the large body of evidence gathered so far indicates that all the suspects either actively participated in the plans or knew about it and helped cover it up. This would mean they had a common purpose with the killer. In the interests of justice and the interests of Anton Labowski’s family and two young children we should all hope that this prosecution will indeed happen in the next few months, as has been promised by justice department officials. Back to the Truth Commission.

Notes: Max du Preez

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