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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 4, Time 22:42

I’m the father of the late Anton Theodor Lubowski … sorry … Anton was shot and killed at approximately 20 hours 30 on the 12th September and he was about to enter his home at 7 Sanderburg street, Windhoek, Namibia. There’s no doubt that the death of Andre resulted from the politically motivated assassination. // I am requesting the Commission to help us to take away the hindrances so that untried murderers can be tried in a court of law. The assassination was planned here in South Africa by Afrikaners and was committed in Namibia when it was still under South African jurisdiction. // We still haven’t had any justice being done. We’ve tried every single avenue that is possible and we’ve had no luck. And nobody has really taken the time to explain to my parents why nothing has been done. We get excuses like the murder was committed outside the borders of the country, which is very difficult to understand because that was before independence and it was planned here. And even if the Commission can just see to it that the world will know about the atrocities committed in the country and how widely people were actually influenced by it. My parents, Anton’s children, even my children, I still struggle to get back their faith in the justice system.

Notes: Wilfred Lubowski (TRC April 1996); Molly Lubowski (mother); Anneliese Lubowski (Sister)

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