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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 4, Time 24:54

July, 1989. Namibia was preparing for the election campaign that would lead to independence in March 1990. In South Africa, the head of the CCB Joe Verster called in three regional structures of his murky organisation to launch a campaign to destabilize SWAPO. According to Pieter Botes, one of the CCB’s regional managers, this included the assassination of certain SWAPO leaders, sabotage of SWAPO and United Nations vehicles and offices and disruption of meetings. // The head of Region 6 of the CCB, Staal Burger and his men were eager to launch into this new adventure. They were Ferdi Barnard, Chappie Maree, Calla Botha and Slang van Zyl. Members we don’t have pictures of are Wouter Basson and Johan Niemoller. In May 1989 Donald Acheson was caught shoplifting in South Africa, the charges were withdrawn when he was recruited as an agent by Ferdi Barnard after which Acheson said he would be prepared to kill for money. Soon afterwards Chappie Marree became Acheson’s official handler and the new recruit was dispatched to Windhoek. Lubowski was not only a thorn in the flesh of the ruling South African establishment because he joined SWAPO; he was also a key figure in SWAPO’s election campaign. Anton Lubowski became CCB Region Six’s first target.

Notes: SWAPO rally; Staal Burger, Ferdi Barnard, Chappie Maree, Calla Botha, Slang van Zyl; Acheson arrested; Photos: Lubowski at SWAPO rally

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