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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 4, Time 29:45

Judge Levy harshly criticized the prosecutor general of Namibia, Hans Heyman and some of the police investigators. It must have been at least partly for this reason that Heyman stated that he did not agree with Levy and reopened the inquest. This inquest was held this week. But after five days Judge Nic Hannah found that he had not heard any new evidence to lead him to a different finding to that of Judge Levy. Again the CCB men were not there to give evidence. Heyman says he subpoenaed them and South Africa’s foreign affairs confirm that these documents were received from Namibia, but only one working day before they had to appear. What is more, the subpoenas as sent by the Namibians had absolutely no legal standing in South Africa and the CCB members simply ignored it. It is the second time the Namibians made this mistake. There has been much talk of the extradition of the suspects from South Africa to Namibia.

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