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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 5, Time 33:58

The Commission has made significant progress towards finding the truth as far as the past actions of the liberation movements, the right wing and the old police force are concerned. But the former Defence Force, especially sinister structures such as special forces, Military Intelligence, the Department of Covert Collection and the Civil Cooperation Bureau have not been forthcoming. We know little more about their role in our past than we did three years ago. This week the four previous Defence Force chiefs submitted a new document to the Truth Commission. It consists of 36 pages of accusations, insults and criticism of the Truth Commission. Instead of explaining their role in the past the generals beat the ‘rooi gevaar’ drum, accused the liberation movements of human rights violations and on top of it demand an apology from the Truth Commission. We asked the Deputy Chairperson of the Truth Commission, Dr Alex Boraine to respond. He either didn’t read it properly or Alex Boraine is a very forgiving Christian.

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