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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 5, Time 34:59

There are a number of retired generals who have, on numerous occasions been very critical of the TRC and of myself and have alleged that we are being unfair to the old South African Defence Force and that we’ve painted them in a very bad light and that they are proud of what they did and they believed that they were doing what was right for South Africa at that time, under those circumstances. And they feel so strongly about it that they have gone and made a submission to the public protector. Now our law advisors have only just received that in the last day or two from Gen Viljoen who visited us here at the TRC. We’re studying that, I’m quite sure the public protector will contact us once he and his staff have gone through it and they will then ask us to reply to the allegations. What the final demand is going to be I’m not sure. Possibly a demand for an apology or a retraction or whatever.

Notes: Alex Boraine

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