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Special Report Transcript Episode 81, Section 7, Time 43:54

‘I call the applicant Mr Hermanus Barend du Plessis as the first witness in these proceedings.’ // Captain Hermanus du Plessis, Gen Nic van Rensburg, Gen Gerrit Erasmus and Sgt Johannes Raath, who have all since retried are seeking amnesty for their part in Sizwe Kondile’s death. Former Vlakplaas commander Dirk Coetzee also wants amnesty for the same murder, but he has a separate amnesty application and a very different version of when, how and why the murder was carried out. When Coetzee told the Harms Commission about the murder of the young ANC guerrilla in 1990 it was bluntly denied by all of these men. Now for the first time they’re admitting to the nation that they were the ones who decided Sizwe Kondile had to die. Du Plessis who was in charge of Kondile’s interrogation described him as a trained ANC terrorist whom he had recruited as an informer. However he later discovered a note in Kondile’s cell which showed that Kondile had tried to double cross the police.

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