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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 8 of Episode 81

51:46The battle between the ANC and the Inkatha Freedom Party has torn communities apart. Richmond in KwaZulu-Natal is one of many regions that bear terrible scars of the continuing conflict. This week, IFP perpetrators and ANC families met face to face at an amnesty hearing in Pietermaritzburg. The outcome was a surprising one, an example perhaps for the rest of that embattled province.Full Transcript and References
52:11On June 23rd 1991 Mduduzi Gumbi and Robert ‘Vo’ Zuma were part of a group of heavily armed IFP supporters who attacked the pro-ANC village of Indaleni. Both men are serving long sentences for murder and attempted murder. Their amnesty application was partly heard last year. This week Gumbi and Zuma returned to hear one last witness. Judith Dlamini testified that camouflaged policemen drove through the village immediately after the attack but did nothing to help the injured and dying.Full Transcript
52:50That concludes today’s hearing, we will now adjourn. // After the formal proceedings were over an extraordinary and utterly informal meeting took place in the empty city hall.Full Transcript
53:06My main aim in asking for forgiveness is to explain that under the circumstances we were living in when I did this, when I committed this murder there was fighting. Most of them knew there was fighting in Richmond. I didn’t intend to kill anyone. I didn’t have a personal reason for killing them. Now there is an opportunity for reconciliation I feel I should show myself to them and tell them exactly what happened.Full Transcript
53:36I feel for these kids because it wasn’t their aim to kill our children, they were doing what was happening all over Richmond. There was fighting. Now what I am saying is I forgive them because they have revealed themselves, even when they were arrested I wasn’t sure it was them but now that they have confessed I forgive them.Full Transcript
54:01Yes, it is true I didn’t get orders from our leader. What happened was retaliation because of the fighting. They are my witnesses. Even if you ask a small child about what was happening in Richmond they could explain it to you.Full Transcript
54:21I am sincerely sorry. I know that I can’t really say anything, that it is sad for you but I am also very sorry. // You are not sorry; it’s just that you are brave to ask this of us. But it’s up to you to forgive yourself. // Oh! My son! // I went to pay for the pregnancy damages my son did only for my son to be killed. Why should I now forgive? // But at least we know that you killed them because you have showed yourself now you are asking for forgiveness. I am willing to forgive you because I also need to go to my mother’s place. In fact you are not the only one who killed there are others, it’s still going on. Right now if you go down the road you’re not sure if you’ll pass safely. All we want is peace and to live freely.Full Transcript
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