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Special Report Transcript Episode 82, Section 4, Time 36:04

I was born in Potchefstroom. I can’t say the township, or the Indian township ... at that time it was just one area. And in a sense yes my early years takes place in that area because my grandfather, when he came from India, I imagine around 1920, 1921, many people actually then started moving out … little places. And there’s a place between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp called New Machavie, it really was just a station with a few houses and I would imagine when he went it was completely rural area and he started his little business there. And my grandmother had 11 children in all; they all grew up in that area. My father then started working close by and around the age of 10 or 11, we moved to Johannesburg. Our first little house, I remember, was on 26th street of Fitas, Vrededorp and there were four houses. On the other side there was a shop owned by a Chinese family and part of my recollection is a lot of people going to that shop, not buying anything and I kept wondering what’s going on. And it was really people going to play Fafi.

Notes: Dr Fazel Randera

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