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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 1 of Episode 83

11:22At the end of all this one of the most elaborate police cover ups ever was in place. It was a cover up from the level of constable right up to the Minister of Law and Order Adriaan Vlok, a cover up that only now is starting to unravel.Full Transcript
11:38We now know the police version of how Stanza died. We’ve also heard the detail of how the cover up of his death was planned and executed. What we and the family of Stanza Bopape still do not know is what has become of his body and for the family only this knowledge will bring peace.Full Transcript
11:55It feels painful, what has happened to him, because I don’t know where he is. I don’t know where he ended up and the way they tell their stories. I don’t believe them.Full Transcript
12:17More than a year after Stanza Bopape’s mother made this emotional plea to the Truth Commission she still does not have an answer. This past week Mrs Bopape and her family, lonely figures in the sometimes almost empty hall, quietly listened to the police torturers describe Stanza’s last moments alive.Full Transcript
12:38There is no truth because they did this together they are supposed to tell the same story together. Now, one speaks this and another speaks that. So how will you know where the truth is? My mind tells me that they killed him and that they burned his corpse. But they say they dumped him in the river. They know that we will never find him there because they can say that the crocodiles ate him. All I am asking of them is to tell the truth and to give me Stanza’s bones, if they have buried him, so I can bury him myself.Full Transcript
13:25Mike Bopape believes the police are still covering up what really happened to his brother. // These guys have been telling us a story, I mean the fixed stories so they didn’t even come with the real truth. Something we’re expecting, we’re expecting something fruitful, something that can actually relate us to the discovery of his body because in a way they’ve confessed that they’ve killed him. But my main concern at this stage is not that we want to hear their designed stories but we’re actually prepared… so they can actually lead us to the discovery or maybe to tell us exactly what happened to the body, but not by telling us that they’ve disposed it somewhere in the Eastern Transvaal.Full Transcript
14:15There are different versions of what happened to the body of Stanza Bopape. In an interview with the Special Report last year a former security policeman gave us one version. // I was put under a lot of pressure by some of my agents about what happened to Stanza Bopape and I had to fend this off because I’d never heard of the guy, I’ve never seen him. And it was only later that actually at an informal gathering of security policemen that the true story came out that he somehow, I understand he was picked up in Pretoria that he was brought through to John Vorster Square and during interrogation, physical interrogation, he died and his body was disposed of down a disused mineshaft.Full Transcript
14:55But the truth of where the bones of Stanza Bopape lie will only emerge in the second round of amnesty hearings later this year. Brigadier Schalk Visser and Capt Leon van Logellen have applied for amnesty for the disposal of Stanza’s body.Full Transcript
15:09The family does not believe the version that’s been presented by the applicants. The family believes that something else happened to the body. In other words that at this stage the web of deceit appears to be continuing. Now, according to documentation in our possession and it’s also been stated during the course of the hearings the body was dumped in the Komati River. Obviously the TRC that gave evidence still has to be led fully and the TRC then have to assess it and make whatever judgement it makes, but as far as the family is concerned it seems quite improbable that that is indeed what happened.Full Transcript
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