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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 83

31:47The Cradock Four amnesty hearing continues in Port Elizabeth next week. If Harold Snyman does testify he may disclose dramatic new details of the chain of command. We’ll have to see what the doctors say. It is difficult for all of us to listen to former policemen and other perpetrators confess to the terrible truth about murder and torture. One cannot even imagine the pain the family members and survivors must go through. But what does this process of remembering the past do to the perpetrators and their families and what makes someone do such terrible things in the name of patriotism and war? Professor Dan Bar-On is a psychologist from Israel who works with the children of Nazi perpetrators and the children of Jews who survived the death camps of Germany. We spoke to him about what we can learn from that experience.Full Transcript and References
32:21We know what unbelievable mechanisms of repression, of forgetting, of distortion perpetrators use of justification in order not to remember what they have done. When the victims come and tell their stories it reminds, it can remind the perpetrators of what they have done and it is a very difficult confrontation which really …. I admire your process that you’re doing, I think it has never been done before in such a way. We know about processes of amnesty from the South American countries, it wasn’t done on an individual basis. It wasn’t done with names and stories and I think this makes the process here such an amazing process which will be for your coming generation something to learn from, because through these stories they will really know what has happened. At the same time I’m sure it must be also an imperfect process because – and I looked at some of the session and – you look at some of the perpetrators and as they are so occupied with the question of how to get ...moreFull Transcript
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