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Special Report Transcript Episode 83, Section 4, Time 38:50

There is not very much spare time at this stage but I like to read, I don’t read as much as I would love to and as I used to. I read virtually anything. I love sport, I play a bit of golf but I have very little time for that now. That is something that I miss quite a lot. I try to spend a bit of time with my family, the little bit of time that I have. I find that presently I’m virtually at home only over weekends. I’m married, I’ve got two sons. In fact I’m married to I suppose to what you can call a high school sweetheart. She’s also from Uitenhage but she settled with me in Cape Town and we’ve got two big sons, you know, a bit of pride and joy in my life.

Notes: Denzil Potgieter

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