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Special Report Transcript Episode 83, Section 4, Time 40:02

We are obviously committed to getting the work done as quickly as possible so with the result that we are forced to take on that little bit more, so that I find that there is very little time for personal matters. If I’m not sitting in a hearing I’m preparing for a hearing. If I’m not in some or other place where the hearing take place, I’m travelling to that place. So in that respect it has been quite demanding and quite hectic. And the amnesty hearings themselves, too is quite demanding, it goes with fairly high stress levels, high concentration, it concerns very important questions. You’ve got to be alert, you’ve got to be on top of what is happening and that’s the only way in which you can actually eventually arrive at a fair and an informed decision. So that it does take quite a bit out of one, but we have somehow managed to carry on and as I say we’re not really complaining.

Notes: Denzil Potgieter

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